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Nursery & childcare rooms and clubs

The Bouncy Tiggers room is situated in the main nursery building and accommodates children from birth to two years old. The full capacity of the room is 12 children, on a ration of 1:3 which is one member of staff to every three children.

All staff are qualified in providing care for babies and young children, and promote a healthy, safe and happy environment for each individual child to grow and develop.

All parents are asked to provide and formula milk that your child may need whilst at the setting.  All formula milk is required to be measured out or bottles already made.
We also ask that all parents supply nappies, if required.

The Tweenie room is also known as the Toddler room and supports 10 children aged two to three years, all of which are supervised on a 1:4 ratio.

The Tweenie room is located in the main building with easy access to the large outdoor play area.  The staff are friendly and provide equal opportunites for all children, priding themselves in treating all children as individuals and meeting every child’s needs.

If your child is potty training, the setting provides potties and child sized toilets and sinks to promote health and hygiene.  The bathroom is connected to the Tweenie room which allows easy access.

Each child is allocated a key person who is responsible for all of their needs, including daily diaries, scrap books and learning journals, which can help parents and guardians to liaise closely with staff.

The Clever Crocs room is closely connected with the local schools to ensure that all pre-school aged children are given the best education.

The Clever Crocs room, which has an open plan layout with free flow access to all daily activities, accommodates 19 children on a ratio of 1:8 and all children are offered 15 free hours from the government.

Rocking Robins care club is based in the grounds of Birchwood Private Day Nursery in a self contained and purpose built portacabin, and can accommodate 10 children aged 4 to 11 years old on a ration of 1:8.

Within the building we operate a breakfast club, after school club and holiday club, each which provides children with appropriate activities, according to age.

This room centres on child choice activities, promoting independence, building confidence and self esteem.

The children have easy access to the large outdoor play area.

For the holiday club, we ask that all parents / carers provide children with a packed lunch.  In the holidays, the Rocking Robins will attend different educational and fun outings to a variety of places.